Milk without Cookies

April 11, 2006

There’s a routine everyday, except for Wednesday.  The morning was just dandy, and immediately after I crossed the threshholed into Psychology class, the day blew.  I feel stupid for taking that class.  I don’t need to take it.

          Zimbardo = nap time

But besides the after-lunch classes, the day was pretty decent.  No more PLAN outlines.  I thought it was pretty stupid how everyone laughed at Mr. Beck’s current class because we had to turn in our outlines; they’re not that bad and it’s not like he was assigning us more work.  We were turning it in.
And the first surprise happened today (it was a surprise to me anyway).  But that was pretty much it.  Just made me think some more.  What next?
                                Go team Julliard!


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