Part I: Irritants

April 14, 2006

Part I of mind-numbing thoughts/concerns on my mind.  Please note that these are put in no specific order, nor with any transitional phrases or sentences from one idea to another.  Part II will be posted at a later time, along with a possible Part III and maybe even IV.

After some talking and some thinking, I'm feeling almost confident about it.  Hopefully it will.  But with all these road blocks, my plans may need some reworking.

I've noticed how people make me out to be the one to cast blame on just because I don't suck up to people.  I see it at school, but I'd rather not discuss that.  And it happens at home.  My sister likes to act so friendly with mother (not that it's a bad thing; you have to see it to understand), and then she bitches and complains sometimes about how she does more work than I.  That's total crap, and my parents buy it.  Because I don't like to go bragging about chores I do around the house, I have to do more.  I would do what my sister is doing, but I don't want to start this big ol' argument.

I had my Break all planned out, but it's nearly all ruined because of my parents.  It's the same crap over and over:  I have things to do (and sometimes it's not even fun things), but I can't do them when I want to.  No.  I have to work around their schedule.  I have to work when they want me to.  I have to plan things way ahead of time, just so I can be guranteed to be able to do them.  So much for being spontaneous.  I want to say, "no."  But then they make me feel guilty for not helping them.  On the other hand, I'm constantly annoyed at how I have to be on stand-by for them and most of the time, having to deal with their (mother mostly)  ungrateful attitude.  One day, I'll have you know, I will say "no," and I'm not going to feel guilty about it because at that point, I'll be sick of them kicking me around.

Day one of Spring Break 2000 and 6.  It sucked.  Pro (singular), if one would even consider a "pro", would be that I didn't have to wake up early.  Still, getting forced out of bed at 10 is almost as bad.   Cons (plural):  wasted day, getting nagged at by mother, watching the clock move as slow as a snail, stopping little kids from trying to steal, standing all day.  Tomorrow will be worse.


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