April 30, 2006

Yes Dear – Orion (the acoustic version)

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory this time.

A: man, it's already 10
i: god i know
i: school is soon
A: ugh
A: we have a game tomorrow
i: ugh ur right
i: charter oak right?
A: yeah.  ugh
A: ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.  there's so many things to say UGH to
A: including that.  ugh
i: so many ughs in the world
i: not enuff yay!s
A: ugh

I would list the "things to say 'UGH' to", but too many.  This is too much junk, crap, drama (on a lighter scale), and stuff to be worried about.  But I'm not the only one I'm sure.  I wish I could help with everyone else's bad times, but not much I can do.  And just as a side note– they don't deserve it.

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