May 6, 2006

The fun-size list of thoughts to I'm thinking of as of this moment.  Well, not exactly at this moment cuz I kinda thought of these, like, a googol of a second after I typed the word "moment" in the last sentence.  By the way, this and the previous sentence was typed after I finished the following list of semi-random thoughts, in case you wanted to further debate that I may have thought the following thoughts after this sentence, and not after the word "moment" in the first sentence.

•I'm feeling pretty anxious (for more than one reason).
•This upcoming week is going to be a busy one.
•I think I'm worried.  Yeah; "I think"; uncertain.
•Too much on my mind.  Need someone to listen to my mumbo-jumbo.
•I like the music I have now, but it's getting boring.  Nothing new and good to listen to.
•June 29 and 30.  Yes.  hopefully
•Ugh.  Damn placement test next Saturday.
•Ugh.  Damn library books due Monday.
•Ugh.  I need still need them but can't renew them again.
•Ugh.  Damn research paper roughdraft due soon.

So that's pretty much it.  Who actually reads this, I don't know.  Who actually cares, I don't know that either.  Simply put, I find some relief in organizing my thoughts, even if it's listing them with bulletpoints.


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