Epiphany and Nonsense

June 17, 2006

It hit me hard today, but it seemed like it was barely there.  It was the last Friday of our high school careers; it was our last time in our classes, together with our friends, classmates, teachers, and easy, routine-filled lives.  No more of that forever.  All of these thoughts were there, but it was too surreal.  It didn't seem present during school hours.  I couldn't seem to savor it.  It went by too fast.

Not just that, the senior bbq was a major let down.  I'm not blaming the people who put it together, but rather the people who didn't show up.  It was too unoccupied for it to be a party.  If anything, people left a mess.  I guess some seniors aren't as mature as they should be.  Thankfully, that was the last let down of the day.  What came up next made up for it.

Somehow, we went to the mall, went to Old Navy, threw a football, tried on some sandals, ate, talked about beastiality, looked at books about random things, cursed in front of children, blasted and sang our hearts out to songs in the car, toured the school for the last time, forgetting to immortalize ourselves at school, reminisced upon the past, and having two people drive at once (one eating/working the pedals and another holding the steering wheel).  All in the company of my friends.  The last one, though, was the more interesting one.  Maybe will be told another day.

This has been a reflection of today's spontaneous events.  One of those rare flashes of spontaneity that I felt should be put on record.


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