Fun With Djibouti

June 21, 2006

Here's how my friends and I went from senior checkout to Djibouti (pronounced "jih-booty") explained in this super abridged version.

So my friends gave me a ride to school.  We checked out and then went around campus to visit a few teachers.  Then we went to Carl's Jr. and sat there for a bit, taking in the fresh smell of "Raid and grease" as Andres so perfectly put it.  We furiously debated over whos house to go to next.  Voices were raised, fists were flying, blood was bleeding.  None of that happened, but there was a long discussion as to why we should go to Daniel's house.  And we did.  We sat on his lawn for a good 5 minutes, before proceeding to get a drink, then talk, then eat coconut cream pie, then talk some more, then Andres left, then talk, then Cynthia left, then talked and watched TV, then talked, then I went home.  Then Greg picked me up, headed for the bowling alley, and then did what we do best:  stand in a circle and think of where to go next.  Of course, though, I forgot to mention that we were all too cheap and poor to afford bowling, thus we stood in a circle and tried to think of where to go.  Think.  Thinking.  Thought.  Thunk.  "Let's just drive down the freeway and take a random exit," Greg says (I think).  And being bored out of our minds, we did just that.

We drove and drove on the 10 east and then coincidentally exited off the same place where we went to some other day (mentioned in another post).  So we parked at Nordstroms and then went to the actual Plaza and then wandered around to get ice cream.  Then wandered again until we found Brookstone(s?) and Sharper Image.  It wasn't a party until we got into Sharper Image, where we spent a good 45 minutes or so coming up with sentences out of country names such as the following:

"Djibouti is full of Greece."

Of course we couldn't make up full sentences, so the "…is full of…" part we filled in.  It was fun nonetheless.  Then there was:

"I like to stick it in Ethiopia."

I meant to press on Djibouti with the stylus pen thing, but the tip was too fat, and I pressed on Ethiopia instead.  Oh how we laughed at that for minutes.  So then we finally parted from the globe and then headed back.  We stopped at the Albertsons parking lot, and then decided to go to Hooters.  But the wait there was too long, so we went to some random pizza place in Covina.  And then dined there and talked, and then we left.  And the rest was history.  (What a cliché ending, I know).


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