The Orientation

June 25, 2006

After my graduation and grad night and all the time spent with my friends, I wasn't much into the idea of leaving home and going to my college orientation.  I was tired, a bit bummed, and a bit lazy, so having to wake up at 500 in the morning on Saturday to drive up to San Diego wasn't exactly an experience I wanted to go through.  But I did, and just as I suspected, it blew.  The car ride there and back sucked, but it the orientation itself was a blast.  Tiring, but a blast.

When I first saw my fellow freshmen there, they didn't exactly look like the nicest people in the world, but after getting into our groups and doing some "ice-breaker" activites, I found out that everyone was very pleasant.  At the end of the first day, there was a little entertainment session where everyone danced and such to country music.  We square danced and did the electric slide and all the fun stuff.  During that time, we got to mingle and socialize with the other students.  Then, there was yet another party on the fifth floor of the residents' hall where they just blasted music and everyone got to dance, though some played board games and sat in the lounge.  It was a festive and enlightening experience, to say the least.


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