June 28, 2006

In science, the term “catalyst” (in laymen’s terms) refers to something that helps to speed up a reaction or process.  With the way things were/are happening over the course of the few days that has been this week, one could consider them catalysts.  Not only am I ready to leave home, I want to leave home– extremely bad.  The weather is crap and Hellish compared to that in San Diego.  I’m bored out of my mind at home.  I break a sweat when I move to get the remote.  My mom is trying to force me to help her with her store, which means I would have to get a summer job if I want to get out of this craphole she’s pushing me into. 

“Look at all the other people.  They have summer school and part-time jobs at the same time,” she said.
•••Well, mother, does it look like I give a damn about what other people do?  If they want to spend their last summer before college going to school and working, then I am happy for them.  But quit comparing me to them.  You are, afterall, the one that told me to stop comparing me to other kids when I told you they could sleep in if they wanted to.  It’s just a soliloquy though.  I would like to give that schpeel a good go, but I value my hearing ability.

But besides that burst of insanity looming in my head, I’ve given thought to what I want to do with my money.  Do I put it in the bank and let it rack in my 0.03% interest?  Or should I go on a limb and spend, spend, spend?  “What would you buy anyways?” you may be asking yourself.  Good question.  How about a new acoustic guitar.  The tuning peg on my old crappy one broke, and I sure as hell am not going to buy a new set to repair my guitar.  It’s not worth the repair.  So father proposed to ask uncle about finding another piece to fix the gear in the tuning peg piece.  It’s been a few months, and I’m starting to believe that my first instict is right:  he’s never going to find anything.  With that said, I think I see myself playing some fancy acoustic in the near future (before college).

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “Why the hell did I read that?  That was a stupid post.  Well, then again so are all his other ones.”  Well good sir/lady, it’s probably because you are bored, very bored.  If you weren’t bored, you might have stopped after the second sentence.  Who am I kidding.  You probably would’ve stopped after the first sentence… or maybe even the title?


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