July 4, 2006

In this 24 hour day, 9 hours are spent sleeping, 6 hours are spent watching TV, 3 hours are spent away from home, and the rest in spent doing chores and little boring assignments.  The best part is, when I’m spending my 24 hour day, I’m sweating at every movement.  I feel useless.  I have no purpose.  Sure I enjoy this free time.  Getting to do all these things I can’t do during school.  But then again, at least I felt as though I had something to do.  Something that filled in this large void in my mind.  Everyone has something to do.  Work even.  I, on the other hand, am still in search of a job.  Hopefully they will call– very very quickly.  The only thing equivalent to my void in my mind is the void in my wallet.  Take me back!


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