July 14, 2006

The ball seems to be rolling a little faster now.  It is no longer sitting and baking in the summer heat.  Rather, it continues to bake as it gains momentum.  Hopefully this isn’t just a mere push that will find a stopping point in the near future.  I certainly hope not.  The repercussions of boredom were still present while I was actually doing things.  I was so used to sitting and watching TV and such (you know, bumming) that I wasn’t much energetic during my time out of the house.

Yesterday (the thirteenth of July) I attended my first concert.  It was a Dashboard Confessional concert and it was alright.  My seat wasn’t exactly nosebleed material, but it was far better than I expected:  right smack in the center on the balcony.  Being practically a boyband with instruments (except with better music I think), the venue was loaded with nearly all fangirls.  “Oh my God!!!  He’s singing to meeeeee!!!” screams the girl behind me, while another girl to her left shouts “AHH!!!  He’s sooo hot!!!”  I heard similar comments from as far as two rows away while the music was shaking our chairs, mind you.  The music itself was just “ok.”  It didn’t blow me away or anything, nor did it blow.  It was just “ok.”  The performance was good though, energetic, et al.   Perhaps the next time I go to a concert, it will be for a band that is more to my fitting.

Today was just hot.  Much too lazy to get into descriptions, but here is a short list of stuff from today.  Piece them together and make a story.  But keep in mind, these are no way in chronological order.  Amoeba Records.  Hollywood.  Excuse me, I mean WEST Hollywood.  Westwood.  Stan’s Donuts.  Weird guy begging for donut.  Throbbing headache.  “Hike.”  Library parking lot.  Cahuenga.  Road rage.  Traffic.  Beverly Hills (song/city).  Some other stuff too; I forget.  Oh and can’t forget about “Gay Cinema.”  Good day.


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