Bugged More Than an Exterminator

July 30, 2006

What has been on everyone’s mind is the subject of college, whether it be about the time that’s left until it starts, or one’s friend’s that may be leaving because of it, it’s there.  I, though, have yet to pass the phase of being able to count down the days until I leave this House of Doldrums.  No.  I am still plagued with a this paradox where I must complete endless amounts of paperwork for crap that is supposed to make things easier for me.  No.  Incoming freshmen aren’t confused enough.
Let us add different names and websites to spice up their confusion just a little more.  Let us spam them with snail mail that appears to be important, but in fact is really not, just to add some more to-do’s to their agendas.  Oh, I know!  Let’s not update their checklists and let them worry.  And then when they try to contact us, let’s just ignore their emails!
Violent words will ensue if they renounce my admission because they either didn’t receive my stupid hepatitis B form, or if they received it late–THREE weeks late.  If this issue ever sorts itself out, I will still have plenty more fun tackling other obsticles.  Registering for classes, depositing money onto my card, reserving books, reappling for loans.  Just let me in already (in more ways than one…).

And as another addition to my college worries:
Although I love my extended family, I must say that they are absolutely annoying.  I know they’re trying to help and all, but it doesn’t work well when they’re nerdy goody-two-shoes who try so hard to be perfect adults.  I’m not like them.  I don’t act like them.  Therefore, I may not think what they think.  It is difficult to get that concept into my dad’s head because he is heavily influenced by his brothers and sisters, and nephews and nieces (who are much older than I, making them more “knowledgeable”).  Quit telling my dad to think a certain way about something, making him try to change something about myself.  It bugs me quite a bit.


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