August 6, 2006

What to say?  I feel the need to post something, and I know there is material to slop onto this, but what exactly?  Let’s start by saying that it feels like this is the last week before something happens.  Apparently, this upcoming weekend is going to be a giant turning point for me, with all these events and all.  The events are unimportant, it’s because they’re happening that it’s important.  (insert twenty minutes pause to chat)

Ok, I think that certain chat topic is over, so I will proceed to finish this entry about what?  I still don’t know.  (pause to reread first paragraph and think)  Ah yes, what’s going to happen.  Just more than usual.  More outings, even if some of them are kind of lame.  It’s something different.  Maybe it will be my turn to finally not want/wish for move-in day to come.  Let’s hope so.  But then again-  Wait, no.  I honestly don’t know what I want, and I don’t know what I’m talking about.  In this point of my blog, I am rambling.  This is a genuine ramble.  Take it in folks.  Alright.  I’ve pieced together my thoughts again.  So-  Who am I kidding?  After that chat I just had, I can’t think.  Unsuccessful entry if there ever was one.  Since I havn’t titled it yet, I will proceed to title it according to how this post got accross my feelings, thoughts, and emotions and such.

edit:  I got a new mouse today.  Computer mouse.  Logitech LX5.  Hey, it’s still news, so quit complaining.  It’s no G7 or anything, but it’s still sexy.

Disclaimer     All items in parentheses are factual events.  This individual post was a genuine rant.  Author accepts no responsibility for any disappointment that may arise from reading this post.


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