The Times They Are A-Changin’

August 28, 2006

Things are changing.  No need to state the obvious, right?  But this is something different.  Fastforward past the formalities and introduction.  In no way am I blaming certain events, people, actions, etcetera.  Just that some things are bound to change- whether we like it or not, whether it’s apparent or not, whether they (or “it”) know it or not, or whether everyone around them (or “it”) knows it or not.  I might be making too drastic assumptions, due to my lack of experience, giving reason to my vague descriptions.  I’ll continue to withhold these thoughts of mine, and keep them tamed and away from public knowledge.  I know somehow I’d end up making myself look bad.  This stuff happens.  Sometimes it is best to stay quiet, and away. It’s about your girlfriend.

The lack of good music is really bringing me down.  I want to be open minded and go:  “Holy crap!  This band/CD/song is awesome!”, but it’s really not clicking.  What’s this madness?  Sure some stuff is good, but is it worth listening to over and over again?  Not. Ask me about it if you’re reading this.


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