This Brilliant Dance

September 19, 2006

All the events that have happened so far makes me with that this is what college will be like all the time.  You get all the benefits on the spectrum of my preference/personality.  There is freedom to do whatever the hell you want and have alone time if you want without any interruption, but everyone is also friendly and talkative, but will give you your space and all too.  And at all the fairs and get togethers, there is so much free food.  I ended up going back to my room with a full box of Krispy Kreme donuts after eating two hotdogs and a slice of pizza.  I am only binging because that was my only meal that day, and because the walk from the fair to my room was ridiculously far.  When the afternoon rolled around a group of friend I met and I took a stroll to the beach.  It’s extremely close, but because there’s such a steep inline just to get there, it seemed like such a far walk.  Since we left when the sun was barely visible on the horizon, it was nearly dark when we got down to the beach.  But it was fun.  Very fun.  Afterwards, there was a hypnosis show, where a crap load of people went “down under.”  It sounds like something you’d read from Thus Spoke Zarathustra, haha.  But it was pretty funny.  It was hard to tell if they were faking it at times though.

Then there are these spontaneous dances that just go on because people in our suite and house don’t fraternize with other people in our whole building.  My next door neighbor ran through the halls at 11pm and declared a party.  So we raided the floors above us and did the same thing, and within 30 minutes, there was music blasting in our lounge, and then it started to smell like really strong body odor.  Then when the party ended at 1, my suitemates were just sitting in the lounge in our side of the house, and then just talked.  Somehow the night ended with all of us watching stand-up comedy on our suitemate’s macbook.  It was such a nice change from the stuff that I would regularly do at home- which was pretty much nothing.  It’s nice to have a mellow social life.  The same guy that started yesterday’s party says there’s another one tonight.  It’s probably more organized; there might be pizza and drinks, and according to him, if there’s too many people, we’re going to start charging admission.  This guy is brilliant.


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