Leave Me Alone

October 11, 2006

Again, I try to make it clear that I don’t want to be talked to, but apparently some people aren’t the brightest people around.  I guess another word of advice is not to try and act all gung-ho around me after you have basically sucked away any respect that I had for you (which is more sucking than you usually do).  I don’t want you getting near me and trying to make small talk.  That is pretty much it.  “So why don’t I just confront them?” you may be asking yourself.  Well my dear reader, some people simply do not deserve such a luxury where I have to confront them about their own behaviors.  I think this part of my personality derived from my friends; they won’t tolerate your shit.  And if you’re still stupid enough not to understand that I hate you and I want you to die (just kidding, no hate or wish for death- just strongly dislike and a want for minor injuries), then maybe you should take Nick’s class:  Common Sense.


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