October 17, 2006

After this week, it becomes very obvious that my classes in high school were a joke.  AP classes were a nothing more than regular classes in comparison to the classes I have now.  It did nothing to prepare me.  I think it’s a shame that I’ve never done actual “studying” before now.  And even now, I’m not sure I’m studying the right way.  I am extremely inefficient at it, and so this is really causing some imbalances in my schedule.  And speaking of which, depsite the fact that I enjoy being able to do things spontaneously, I miss having a rhythm in my day.  I can no longer go to school, come home, watch TV for three hours, shower, eat, then do homework.  It’s all over the place now.  I actually bought a white board to plot out what I have to do, even though it’s fairly simple to remember what is happening.
The catch, I think, may be that there are so many things happening at once, that I don’t know which is more important.  I end up wasting time trying to decide what I should try to study first, or which homework should be done now.  This imbalance is fairly evident in my marks.  I hope I will get acquainted to this schedule before I flunk myself out of college.


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