December 4, 2006

My final grades are all dependent upon my grade I get on the final; the final is dependent upon all the things I’ve supposedly learned over the past few months.  During those past few months, I’ve attempted to learn, failed miserably, put forth more effort, and now I’m at a point where I need a C on my finals just to get a C in my class.  Perhaps the readings were necessary.  Maybe if I actually did more of reading assignments, I wouldn’t need to actually study as much as I am right now.  The worst part of it all is that I don’t know how to “study.”  It’s foreign to me.  Just as many people that I know, I’ve never studied in the past, so now I’m F-ed in the A.

*Despite the lack of metaphors in this rant, the title is still applicable.  It’s a song (as I try to make other titles), incase you wanted to know.


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