Paint’s Peeling

January 24, 2007

Everything seems to be happening at once, yet at the same time it’s not.  It’s been a good while since my last shot at an entry on this puppy, and it is safe to say that much has changed.  School started up again, followed immediately by classes.  But due to certain circumstances that needn’t be known, my schedule was mutilated and I ended up enrolling in some classes I had no intention of taking.  With the help of chocolate coated coffee beans and the proper amount of sleep, I am able to find a shallow interest in my classes despite the undeniable truth that they are still workfilled and tedious.

Today (as in the 23rd) was a very enlightening day; I am out of my previous rut, and into a more manageable one.  It did no good to worry about things all at once, because this time it all sorted out one by one.  Hallelujah it’s over.

Just as I’m about to see the good in the world, a thing appears and annoys the living shit out of me.  Immediately after sensing the presence of this, my gut instinct is “annoyed.”  It seems like everything adds to this bottle of annoyance, so my best bet is to avoid.

So after some useless updates that span over 20 days and my supposed changes, there is still nothing interesting for me to say.  I have some more rant left in me, but I feel it necessary to abide by our new “sleeping schedule.”  Seriously, what the fuck is that?

Last note/rant:  I’ve been listening to Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley a bit lately.  It’s sleepy music, yes.  But there’s something about her voice that makes it all the more interesting and makes me listen to her/their songs again and again.  If you havn’t already assumed, the title is a song by Rilo Kiley.  Excuse this disappointing blog.


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