Chasing Ghosts with Alcohol

February 26, 2007

Chasing Ghosts with Alcohol

I usually don’t post the song, but I really like this song, and I guess it would be easier to guess the artist.  No Googling for it, cheater.  But yeah.  The song and the words kind of relate to my situation.  Feeling a bit nostalgic because of all these changes and crap that I have to suddenly worry about.  “Sensory overload” as Daniel put it.  I think that would be correct.  I’m getting a bit uncomfortable with everything here.  My room smells horrible-sour, bitter, rotten, body odor, roommate- those are some very accurate words to describe the stench.  Fabreeze for air and fabric, two different air freshener cans- the nauseating smell.  Unfortunately, one grows accustomed to aromas of all sorts given the right amount of time.  I am aware of the source; remove it and remove the cancer.  I want to gouge the goddamned cancer out of my room and dispose of it outside my window.  Then, I am sure, the life threatening fiend will no longer plague my senses- all six of them.  I will stop there regarding my hate for this cancer, which I have dubbed it this name just now.  I can go on for hours about it though, don’t get me wrong.

Now that I have realized that I’ve gone on a tangent from attempting to blog about nostalgia, I will return to the first subject.  Actually, I’d rather not.  I don’t feel like thinking more than I should.  I know what thinking/feeling is there.  If you want to experience something like it, you can just watch the Wonder Years or something.  But if you’re one of those people who feel good about where they are in life and don’t miss the past, then you’ll probably think the show is “homo” or “lame”, or something along those lines.  But that’s just fine.


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