In the Arms of Sleep

March 16, 2007

For some reason or another, my last thought before I went to sleep the other night was:

“Jenny Lewis has a great voice, imagine if she sang a song with Brandon Boyd.”

Well, one thought led to another, and I realized that she did a great job with Ben Gibbard in The Postal Service.  So, “…Ben Gibbard, Jenny Lewis, and Brandon Boyd.  That would be sweet.”  (Yes, I really think like that.)  “But what if Thom Yorke joined too?  Would his voice even go together with the others?  I could see it happening.  That ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ tone’d do great I guess.”  And then I started naming off other singers, but none I could see fit too well.  Maybe the singer from Evanescence- Amy Lee I think it is.  Then I fell asleep after trying to imagine the sound of their voices singing a note at the same time.

Believe it or not, that was the whole post.  Nothing spectacular.  No new news/updates.  Hold that thought; let me add that a nose is not meant to be vigorously rubbed all the time, and that the unnoying way to answer the phone is “hello,” not “hehh-low?”  Good lord.  What did I do to deserve this disease?  Nothing too bad I would think.  But apparently I’m wrong.  I’m wrong a lot nowadays.  I’m wrong right now too.  It is more like, I’m wrong everyday.


One Response to “In the Arms of Sleep”

  1. me Says:

    “you should be a music journalist.” -anonymous

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