I Think I’ll Go Home and Mull This Over

March 21, 2007

I think I have almost reached the epitome of what a college student is, or “does” at least.  I have drugged myself up on sugar, caffeine, junk food, and my own adrenaline all within the same hour, every hour.  What’s left is real drugs, but I didn’t have access to that.  Knowing how shitty my finals schedule is, I started studying early.  But apparently early was not early enough.  I ended up cramming all night and got approximately four hours of sleep in the past 2 days, not to mention my poor hygiene.  Just thinking about it makes me feel dirty.  Thank god for deodorant.  An unpleasant experience to say the least.  “This will pay off though,” my positive attitude tells me, “you’re actually studying this time.  You should do well on your final.”


That’s total hoo-haw.  If anything, it made it worse.  And there lies the difference between me reaching the epitome of the “college student.”  The nerdy one anyways.  I have tried both sides:  studying and not studying, and I have to say that I like not studying a lot more.  Of course I know what I did wrong though.  It’s been pretty obvious to me that I cannot just cram last minute and learn things like most other people.  But I like to hide that fact and pretend I can.  So when the time comes like now, I get F-ed (double entendre, incase you overlooked it).  Now my sleeping pattern is a bit off and I feel sick.  That could be because Priscilla gave me her drink that she already drank out of.  Time for more drugs.

I have a stress reliever planned though.  My suitemate broke his headstock on his guitar and tossed it.  But I took it before he threw it away, so I’m going to have some fun smashing the Jesus out of it.  I just have to find out where I can do so.  And to end on yet another positive note, I think I blew my speakers out.  That’s just fucking fabulous.


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