March 29, 2007

Since I’ve nothing better to do for this week, I’ve given some extra consideration into this thought I’ve had for a while regarding people and their personalities, and how it usually bugs me.  This is not to say that everyone that annoys me is actually annoying.  Contrarily, I blame myself for having such a… an asshole of a personality, for a lack of better words.  I consider myself on the border between an extrovert and an introvert, whereas most other people I know are well on the extrovert side and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I enjoy that actually, and find that it helps to balance out the equation.  But there is extrovert, and then there’s annoyingly extrovert.  These are the ones who act like the stranger they walk by is their best friend.  Yes of course this is an exaggeration.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up seeing this one day.

I don’t feel like being friendly to everyone.  It impresses/disgusts me when other people do.  They act like, “Yeah, I know you.  I’m cool.  Let me subtly talk to you in front of my friends so other people can see and think I’m cool.  I HAVE TO BE COOL, DAMNIT!” a prime example of the term “paradoxical subtlety” coined by Daniel and I.  Or the occasional, “I think you’re cool.  Let me try to make small talk with you so I can feel wanted.  It doesn’t matter if anyone sees me talking with you, I JUST WANT TO BE ACCEPTED!”  These, along with many other mentalities I have failed to list, are what truly disgusts me.  And just by that, my mind has already marked the doer of these actions:  annoying.  If you would like to learn a little more about paradoxical subtlety, please visit and define.  Hopefully I didn’t offend you.  Maybe I don’t hope that, because you may very well be one of those people I’m referring to.  I’ve realized that I left out when being so “outgoing” would impress me, but I figure you can do that yourself.


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