Everything’s Not Lost

May 1, 2007

The current has simmered down for the time being in the ocean I call “life.”  As you may have guessed from the stupid analogy, things aren’t going too bad right now.  Last week was shit, and now that part one of midterms are done (the difficult ones anyways), it should be smooth sailing for about a week- this week- the one that’s about to end in three days.  My second midterms are in a few weeks, which irks me because the word “midterm” implies that it is administered midway through the quarter/semester.  Rather, they give us two, a quarter into/out of the quarter.  But then again, it could help one’s grades if they totally fucked up on the first midterm, like a certain someone I know really well.

And now for the quick read.  I either a) don’t want to elaborate on the subject, or b) enjoy being vague.
• There’s no one here.  This again?
• Music is a force to be reckoned with.
• Fingertips are raw.
• FedEx is quick.
• How did I wake up at 630am for school in highschool?
• I am a stupid piece of crap for taking Philosophy:  Epistemology.
• Econ is gay for being an 8am class, and because I suck at it.
• I’m too lazy to peel my mangos.
• I’m looking forward to next year’s living situation.  (It was settled by the way.)  I hope badluck doesn’t interfere.
• Laughing until you have six-pack abs and crying is great.
• It was hot in West Covina.
• What will happen in those 2/3 days in June?
• Damnit.  Summer school.
• Damnit.  School.
• Does it ever happen to you?


One Response to “Everything’s Not Lost”

  1. Amanda Blume Says:

    Wilson…my dear Wilson Tu…HOW ARE YOU?! i clicked your link randomly as i was surfing screenname profiles and thought that I would leave a friendly note. Do well and have fun. We should ALL get together this summer or something. Okay…toodaloo and msg me on facebook :] byebye ^_^

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