Friends of P.

May 14, 2007

The latest movie I watched was Employee of the Month.  The one with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson in it.  Needless to say- actually, I do need to say this cuz otherwise who knows what I would think of the movie- it was pretty good.  Not phenominal, but it was better than I thought it would be.  There were some chuckles here and there, and who would have thought:  I had an epiphany.  Yeah, right?  Having an epiphany from a movie like Employee of the Month?  Details of my “epiphany” and plot spoliers ensue.

I must have been pretty tired or something, but I was enlightened when the main character… whatever his name was (okay, I must’ve been half asleep if I can’t remember his name); but anywho, plot first.  Dane Cook wanted to win the employee of the month title to beat this cocky douche bag coworker and to get into the new cashier chick’s pants (Jessica Simpson).  So, the typical plot happens.  He gets caught up in the competition and then slowly ditches his fellow non-cashier friends.  Then blah, blah, blah, he screws everything up and then realizes who his real friends are.  Then cocky douche bag coworker ends up getting screwed instead, and guy gets girl.  Typical, like I said.
But then there was this one part where Dane Cook was about to be late for work because he couldn’t find his card to clock in.  Then (boy did I see this coming), his friend clocked in for him.  After treating him kind of crappy, his friend still clocked in for him.  Again, I said I saw this coming a mile away.  But it was profound.  Perhaps I thought so because of was contridictory to what I would have done:  shred that son of a bitch’s card into bits.  Maybe not “shred” per se, but I sure as hell wouldn’t have clocked him in.  Now after seeing that, I might act differently.  Spoilers end.

I’ve come to the realization that while I probably would’ve let my friend get screwed over, if it were the other way around, most of friends would have covered for me.  Of course it varies from person to person, and exactly how bad I treated them.  But if it were exactly the same degree of “bad”, I’m sure they would’ve covered for me.  Realizing that, I think I should reconsider how I treat my friends.  With a little more respect?  Dignity?  Trust?  Nah.  Just kidding, hah.  Well, if I don’t ever show it, know that it’s there.  What’s there?  I don’t know.  This makes a lot of sense in my mind though.

A few words before I leave:
• Pasadena has two or three good songs, and the rest aren’t horrible either.  They just don’t float my boat.
Minutes to Midnight is different from their old stuff, that much is for certain.  As to whether it’s good or not, I think it’s an acquired taste.  You’ll have to get used to the more-than-usual cursing and screaming and lack of hip-hop flavoring in their music.
• Smashing Pumpkins lineup has been unofficially announced.  No Iha or D’arcy.  Sadness.
• Oink.  Fabulous, absolutely fabulous.
• Shit, I need a bigger external hard drive.
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is funnier than I remember it to be.  Again, could be that I watched it at 2 in the morning.
• Seven seasons isn’t bad.
• Sun God ‘007, motherfucker!  w00t.


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