Smells Like Too Much Teen Spirit

May 19, 2007

Months of anticipation led up to this day- May 18- Sun God Festival:  a concert with various big-name musicians headlining and where UCSD students (and their guests) go crazy by boozing, toking, and any other sorts of methods used to reach a point of ecstasy.  What I had anticipated was a day of hanging out with friends, and cousin, and then do more hanging out after the concert was over.  But my body had other plans.  I decided to be sick.  Stuffy nose, fluctuating body temperature, phlegmy throat, itchy throat- the whole tirade of what may very well be the flu.  Two Tylenol pills after every six hours for the past 36 hours did not help much.  Perhaps it was my lack of sleep, but as of now, I feel miserable.

As it has been occasionally in the past, the state of misery does not derive itself from one source.  Certain people and people in general, and current obstacles in addition to my sickly body has caused me to think overtime.  Typical.

To start off, I think what needs to be mentioned is the stupidity of the average underage/college student/person.  Actually, what I think is the problem is the lack of respect for others, and lack of dignity in themselves.  These are the assholes who push and shove everyone even if they’re not in the way.  They’re the bastards who scream in your ear and grab a girl’s ass when they’re walking by.  What the hell is your problem?  The point is not that you shouldn’t have “fun” and “loosen up,” but when you’re being a dick to everyone around you, it pisses people off.  These are the jackasses that like to put themselves on the spotlight by being douche bags.

I only stayed at the Third Eye Blind concert the whole way through.  Music was so-so.  It was hard to enjoy a concert when the people watching it with is smoking pot and cigarettes, pushing you, jumping into your, sweating, and reeking of sour body odor.  But when it got to TI(P), I couldn’t stay the whole way through.  I didn’t think he was a good stage performer, but I guess I wasn’t in the mood to like it.  Other things/people distracted me.  Since I was already tired of standing and trying to ground myself from being pushed around, I decided to sit.  And then after 15 minutes of listening to him rap, I decided to bail.  On my way back, I started to think about whether or not I am justified in being a little mad.  I haven’t really decided that yet and I don’t think I will anytime soon.  It’s like you think you know something, but then something happens and then you think to yourself, “How come?”  I think away-time is needed, and that’s what’s going to happen.

After today, I doubt I will be looking forward to this next year… unless of course Radiohead is playing.  If they were and I wasn’t already in the front, I would be the one pushing my way forward and screaming in everyone’s ears.


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