Let Me Ride

June 26, 2007

Yesterday was a good day.  I’m feeling lazy, so this’ll just be a list of topics.

• frojew and the nervous look on his face on the “b-cars” when we rammed the crap out of him
• still feeling like I’m on a roller coaster, hours after we left the park
• all the rides gave me a bruise on my shoulder
• X was abusive, so were all the other rides
• got hit with something hard right above my left eyebrow on Goliath
• had interesting conversation in car ride home
• really thirsty the whole day
• short lines = going on all the rides
• tired as fuck at end of day
• tricycle… (lol)
• arm wrestling game
• Mooseburger and weird guy talking to the moose
• getting a headache, probably because of my sunglasses
• worker lady with moles in Tatsu line
• sweating nacho cheese or shitting razor blades?
• “toodlelooooo!”


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