Got to Keep the Loonies on the Path

July 23, 2007

I’m a 90’s child- when all was good in the world- so the phrase “In your dreams” got tossed around a few times by myself.  But upon realizing what I dreamt about the other night, good things that one is supposed to dream about never really happens to me.  What I usually remember from my dream are not so much negative, and not so much positive either.  Instead they’re more indifferent.  From the very few dreams that I can recall, I have attempted to assess them and have come to two conclusions:  one being that I’m a very symbolic/metaphorical thinker, or that I’m a little crazy.

Those who I have discussed what happens in some of my dreams can attest to the fact that they are pointless and very bland.  While others may dream of making sweet love to their lover in a bungalow, or seeing their teacher play bass, all I get is to see what appears to be a very physically fit future-me walking around my swimming pool contemplating whether I should jump in and swim.  Do I even go swimming?  I don’t think so.  All I remember is circling the poolside.

Some of my dreams aren’t all too uneventful.  The other night, I dreamt that I was in a kitchen for some reason, and then all of the sudden appliances appeared all around me.  To better describe this scenario, just picture the Best Buy next to Barnes and Nobles.  And when you walk in, to the right there’s that computer section, and on the left you have the home appliances.  Well, just picture those appliances where the computer are.  As I was saying, those appliances suddenly show up, and the camera suddenly shifts to Mr. Moser who seems to buying a washer/dryer combo.  It was really small and its color was stone gray with red handles.  Just picture an oven with a stove ontop, and then picture a microwave above it (eye level).  Except here, the washer is where the oven would be and the dryer instead of the microwave.
So he was talking to a sales rep while leaning on the machine with his left hand.  And then I came into the scene because I saw him and attempted to greet him.  I said hi and continued peruse the store, but then when I got a good distance away from his location, he called my name to get my attention, and for some reason I had the feeling like I was trying to avoid him.  It was as if he was trying to pester me, like Steve Urkel, only not so bad.  Then I woke up.

It’s good to know though that nightmares are just as rare as a good solid dream, if not more rare.  The last nightmare, or anything close to it, that I remember was from when I was a wee li’le boy.  What happened was that those two block-shaped-head fellows from Gumby shot my parents.  The funny thing was, I think I only watched about 30 minutes worth of Gumby my entire life up to that point.  They must have made a big impression on me.


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