California Saga

August 21, 2007

Yesterday was our second and- mostlikely- last beach venture.  And to be concise with how it went, one can simply say, “It was better than the first.”  But saying that would leave out a lot of those fun, fun details of what actually happened, which was as follows (in chronological order as far as I can recall).

The 9:15 wake up call from Daniel, even though I set my alarm for 9:30.  Then the pickup and drive to Vons, during which Greg showed me his “trick” with his car horn.  Of course, I fell for it because I am gullible and because I was sitting in the back seat.  Then back to Daniel’s house to stuff the coolers with ice, check-off the check-list, and then eat crackers for breakfast.  We were smart this time and only bought one bag of ice.  It saved us room in the cooler, money, and our backs- which was just a pleasant convenience.  Then Daniel and I waited for Jeany and Cynthia, and Greg went home to “clean up.”  Then around 11, we picked up everyone and headed down the freeway, but not before we asked the females if they brought parking money.

We got to the beach around 12.  I don’t know that for a fact, but it seemed like an hour drive.  We paid for parking then parked on one end of the lot, but then Daniel decided that the strategic thing to do in order to avoid the turd cakes is to move down the other side of the lot.  So we did.  Then, we set up camp.  Next to our fire-pit.  It was a windy day and it made it rather unpleasant for us when it came to our dinky umbrellas and Uno cards.  After settling, we went in the water “light-core” (haha) to cool off a little and to wait for Greg and Shaina.  We sprinted across the hot sand and to the shore, where we were welcomed with cool wet sand.  But going further in, it became sharp shards of shell and glass sand.  A little while later, I think I spotted a baby shark.  Its tail was shaped like a boomerang, so I assumed it was a shark.  It could’ve been a catfish, but I think that saying I saw a baby shark is much cooler.  Then we went back and play Uno and then Greg and Shaina came, after getting slightly lost trying to find where we were.  We never finished our game of Uno.  I forget what happens next exactly, and I’m getting too lazy to describe what happened in detail.  So here’s where the abridged version kicks in.

We all went in the water.  Daniel, Greg, and I went down the shore towards the pier trying to find a spot with smoother sand.  But as we soon discovered from a broken piece of glass I found in the sand, the sand is like walking on shattered glass.  We stopped walking towards the pier when one of the douches saw Greg.  After making contact, we turned right around and ran, hoping they wouldn’t follow.  We went back to where we first were and got deeper into the water which was really refreshing.

Then the next thing we did was play “Loaded Questions.”  We had fun incriminating each other and the sort.  Daniel ended up winning and we went to get pizza.  We got back with four pizzas:  2 pepperoni, 1 sausage, and 1 bacon.  The bacon was the favorite.  Jesus came a little after while we were singing and listening to Daniel play the guitar.  I threw the football around with Jesus and almost killed Daniel with my weak throws.  Then it was time to burn things!

This time, we burned a pair of Vans sneakers, a plastic Spider-Man toy, our pizza boxes, left-over pizza slices, napkins, Greg’s old t-shirt, water bottles, our container of dip, a water bottle filled with lighter fluid, Sour Straws, a marshmallow, some plastic, and then the rest of bottle of lighter fluid.  The fire seemed pretty tamed in comparison to what had happened at the first bonfire.  But I guess we were more desperate that time; we didn’t have much wood to burn.  So, after we doused everything with lighter fluid and burned them, we packed up.  We attempted to put out our fire, but the “magic wood” kept burning.  We left when all we saw were embers, but when we got on the sidewalk, the fire went up again.  We ignored it.  After loading the goods into our cars, everyone tried writing dirty things on Daniel’s car.  Greg drew penises.  Daniel wiped them off.  And the day was over.


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