Couldn’t Stand the Weather

September 1, 2007

Here I am, at 12:06 AM unable to go to sleep.  Why is that?  A couple of reasons.  Let me start off with the reason some of you could probably empathize with me on:  it’s fucking hot.  No, actually, it’s more muggy and humid than it is hot.  How do I know it’s this kind of shit weather?  Here is where reason number two comes in:  I started to sweat while applying medication to my damn spider bites- four of them actually.  These damn bites have turned into lumps, and now they’re itching like crazy.  And it seems that typing faster helps alleviate some of the itch.  That, or it could be the Neosporin is working.

So how might one deal with this sweat-in-your-pants-wettin’-your-pants weather?  Well, normal people could turn on the air conditioner.  But as we have learned, I’m not exactly Joe when it comes to these kinds of things.  And thus follows a series of “sad” facts that arise from this situation at hand.
Sad fact #1:  Instead of the air conditioner, I have 6 fans in my house running in attempt to get good air circulation going during the day.
Sad fact #2:  It doesn’t work.  Not much cooling happening if hot air is being blown.
Sad fact #3:  My room faces the west.  A prime location for the burning sun during the afternoon.
Sad fact #4:  My room has no insulation.
Sad fact #5:  I’m probably wasting more electricity using fans than I would using the air conditioner.
Sad fact #6:  I looked up how to build a McGuyver-esque air conditioner using copper tubing, plastic tubing, and cold water out of desperation.
Sad fact #7:  I was close to building it until my dad said “no.”
Sad fact #8:  I feel the need to disclose this information to the public.
Sad fact #9:  I know others have it worse.
Sad fact #10:  I’m scared to go sleep because that spider might be back to feast again tonight.

Edit:  I realize that I left out how I deal with this weather and forgot to conclude that I actually have no way of dealing with it.  Fans don’t work, so obviously I’m out of luck.  And lastly, I somehow received two more bites, this time on my legs.  If you counted right, your total should be six.  A rather small number literally speaking.  But it’s a biggie when you’re counting your insect bites.  La Jolla weather sounds good right about now.


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