When Incubus Attacks

September 8, 2007

Perhaps I overhyped yesterday’s concert.  That would explain my minor let down from it.  Or, maybe the band really did underperform.  I think the latter is much more likely.  It would be asking too much for a band to tour for months and still have the same (or near) quality as that from Alive at Red Rocks.  I could tell that they seemed kind of bored of performing and that it looked like a chore.  But nonetheless, they did their chore better than other bands can do their hobby.  I was mostly delighted by their set list, where they played mostly old songs and didn’t try to ram their new material down the audience’s throats.  They played Summer Romance which was a nice surprise, but that was pretty much all they played from S.C.I.E.N.C.E.  No Vitamin, no A Certain Shade of Green, no Deep Inside.   The rest were mostly from ACLOTM and Morning View as far as I can recall.  Oh they did play Aqueous Transmission though, which was pretty cool since I’ve never seen it live or seen Mike play the pipa to it.  Overall a good sample of their tunes I guess.  They did some extended jamming to some songs like Pistola that led people to believe that the song was over before it really was.  Meanwhile, my friends and I were in close range to many people toking away.  My shirt smelled like my deodorant with a hint of weed afterwards.  And you can tell it would have been the same if we sat elsewhere because people were pretty giddy after the concert.

As a concert in general, I’d give it a 8.5-9 out of 10.
But for an Incubus concert, I’d say 7 out of 10.  It’s still a C.


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