The Good Times Are Killing Me

November 3, 2007

Of my 19 years of Halloween, a there are a few noteable nights that have stuck in my head.  There are those really good memories of me and my sister trick-or-treating with my dad, and then there are two of them with my friends–one of which rained.  And from this year’s Halloween, there will be another page added to my mental scrapbook.

One would think that after seeing one giant pumpkin explode after being dropped eleven stories would quench the thirst for exploding objects of college students, but that was clearly not the case here.  After walking to Black’s Beach to light a flare one night during Fire Week (as many dubbed it) and discovering that our suitemate has a holy stash of fireworks, we came up with the idea to go back one night and light them off.  Who knew at the time we would have something to blow up:  pumpkins.  After Patrick stole two pumpkins from the suite lounge, he taped up the carved openings, and we proceeded to line the inside with flammable liquids.  We went from hand sanitizer, hairspray, astringent, and Windex.  Afterwards, we headed for the beach and hiked down the steep hill to the beach and proceeded with the fireworks.  Brad lit a few of small ones first, and then a few small ones inside pumpkins #1 but the explosion was extremely weak and did nothing.  We decided to stick the dynomite-sized stick of firework inside pumpkin #1 along.

“Boom!”  A small fireball shoots up and over our heads away from the explsion site and disintegrates in mid-air.  The remains of the pumpkins were scattered all over the sand.  What probably helped the explosion were the small firecrackers that failed to go off when we first tried them out.

Pumpkin #2 was much less violent, but violent nonetheless.  This time, we went straight for the kill and stuffed the pumpkin with the remaining small pieces of firecrackers and then put the other dynomite-size stick  into it.  It just blew up, and that was it.  The last one set off was a rocket.  Brad pointed it at the ocean, lit it, and it flew off and stayed lit until it was four yards above the water.

Oh yeah, Brad almost lost his fingers when some firecrackers went off before he could toss them into the pumpkin.


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