Please Let That Be You

November 29, 2007

Tonight was Casino Night at our dining hall and I finally attended it for once.  The theme was “the 80’s” so my friends and I dressed accordingly.  We arrive and immediately walked towards the poker table but I only watched for a few minutes since I don’t know how to play.  So then I went over to the blackjack table and played a few, and then looked around and saw the really good looking girl from my physics class, and she was with a guy I knew.  Since it bothered me that I don’t actually know her name, I figure that the guy she was with would be her friend on Facebook.  So I “Facebooked” the guy, and then as I suspected, she’s his friend.  Turns out, she’s also his boyfriend.  I was a little surprised, but not at all disappointed.  I found it interesting that her boyfriend is asian though.  I suppose it makes me feel better since it wasn’t completely hopeless; she looks like someone who only dates white guys that’s why, haha.  But for once in my life, I’m happy that I was wrong.  Not much else to say about this.  After this discovery, I feel content, possibly from finally putting a name to her face, or maybe knowing I had a bit of chance.  It sounds a bit awkward to say all this, but I assure you it sounds logical in my own mind.

 Extra:  My friend and I won $1200 from the roulette table from our original $125.  Roulette was fun.  I think I may be addicted to it.


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