How Did It Come to This?

December 21, 2007

As time is not so slowly running out, I’m feeling the pressure of choosing a major that I want to stick with.  As of now, I’m pretty much declared as mechanical engineering, but it’s obviously not working out, and is making me miserable.  For the optimistic person, “tough it out” would be the response to my self-doubt and uncertainty in staying with my major.  For a while now, I’ve listened to the optimistic; it’ll pay out in the end, afterall, graduating (if even) with a engineering degree at UCSD.  But since when is school supposed to constantly make you want to hang yourself?  After extensive consideration and a sudden epiphany, I researched what the UCSD VisArts department had to offer and came across two interesting possibilites:  Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major (ICAM) and Media.  ICAM is a “Mixture of Computer Science, Visual Arts mixed with music – really broad,” according to a student’s YouTube video description.  It sounds like something I would like, and possibly be good at, but will it actually turn out that way?  I must admit that I was a bit elated when I read the description of ICAM, but then again, I was studying for my math final at the time and was fed up with it, so any other math-less major may have interested me.  I think it’s because there’s some science as well as art that makes me interested in this major.  Media, on the otherhand is more artsy with the “hybridity of media.”  I’m not exactly sure what it is myself, but it sounds better than going through the entire 20 series of Calculus.  I’ll have to go talk to the Vis Arts advisor before I can make any decisions, and possibly attend an orientation, so I’ll find out if it’ll be “right” for me.  It’s kind of weird to think that if I do choose one of those two, I’d be an art student.  I never would have seen that coming.  But if that doesn’t work out, I suppose I can just major in Econ or Management Science, or Business, which I hear will be a new minor (maybe major too) next quarter or year.  Either path I choose (except for Media) will have some math involved, but if I choose ICAM, I’ll either need only one more class, or none at all.  Sounds refreshing.

P.S.  I hate my Econ professor.  What the fuck was up with those goddamn obscure numbers on the last problem on the final?  Screw you.


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