We’ve Only Just Begun

January 6, 2008

There are many things bothering me right now, and it all seems to build upon another.  But what’s just as bothersome is that I can’t really resolve them, and can’t really discuss this with anyone (like my parents), just because it’s not exactly something they could empathize with.  These thoughts, concerns, and everything else is a bit overwhelming.  Partly because of the quantity of them, but mostly because I don’t know exactly what to feel.  Angry?  Distressed?  Relieved?  Excited?  Scared?  Worried?  There’s more but I can’t think of the right words right now.  Perhaps the only way to resolve this is by tackling them one by one, and giving it some time.  Not knowing how this problem as a whole (because these problems do build on each other) will turn out is probably just as bad–if not worse–than not being able to resolve them now.


One Response to “We’ve Only Just Begun”

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