You Get What You Give

January 19, 2008

The proper etiquette when conversing with a stranger is somehow becoming obsolete here at school.  Perhaps being polite is no longer in, and people feel that being sarcastic asshats are more in vogue.  Maybe being nice is all together lame now, like hogging the elevator all to yourself when there’s clearly room for more people to stand.  No wonder why people bitch about how unlively it is here; it’s because of these people who can’t even carry out a greeting.  In these cases, simple “yes” or “no” would have sufficed, not, “Uhm, no you can’t. (2 seconds later) Just kidding.”  Maybe it was a lot worse than it sounds because this homosexual (which I think he was) had a stern look on his face while he was being sarcastic, like I just insulted his mom or something.

In stark contrast, there are still many who aren’t stupid.  A few of my suitemates went over to my friend’s place and hung out for about five hours, talking about random topics, exchanging friendly insults, and eating a lot of junk food, and then finally leaving at three.  The fun lies within the fact that these coversations occurred with girls.  Let me clarify:  girls that weren’t uptight and offended by everything you say.  It makes you wonder why there couldn’t be girls like that who lived in our house.  There was one girl in particular who was– very cool, and easy on the eyes.  But that’s not to say the other people there weren’t fun and entertaining.  After a busy week, something like that was a good distraction, and hopefully not the last.


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