I Know You’re Gonna Play Me When You Get Wind

February 14, 2008

Why didn’t I see this before?  I think I have figured out why my roommate smells so bad.  It should be obvious that it’s all the “stir fry” he eats, along with all the other greasy shit from our cafeteria, but mostly the stir fry.  I swear, he gets the stir fry at least three times a week and a bottle of Gatorade or something.  He’s not morbidly obese, and I’m not exactly one to talk either, but he does little to no physical activities at all, other than walk to class.  At this rate, he’ll have a heart attack next quarter.  An exaggeration if you couldn’t tell.  What is my beef with stir fry?  So what if he eats that shit?  I wouldn’t care so much if maybe he didn’t eat it in our room all the fucking time.  The smell is so strong and makes my room smell even worse than before.  Now it smells like sour body odor/shit, air freshener, and fried garbage.  What’s even more terrible is that he leaves his fucking garbage sitting on his mother fucking desk, wide open, for all the fucking odor to suffocate me.

While I’m on the subject of terrible odors, I would like to point out that I think my roommate has yet to wash his sheets since- oh, ballpark range- school started?  Every time I go open the window, I am unfortunate enough to get a whiff of his bed.  I don’t know, but I’m going to say he farts a lot when he sleeps, so the odor particles get caked into the sheets over night.  And apparently he has no sense of smell because he never ever opens the windows or door whenever I’m not here.  He likes to close everything, leaving the room no ventilation.  So you can just imagine what putrid musty odor is in my room waiting for me every time I go to class, or away for the weekend.  I’m always sad when I leave because I know he’ll fart and fart and not let the room ventilate at all.  Yeah, the foul language was a little profuse this time around.  But the stir fry odor is really starting to piss me off.  Sorry, I don’t like my belongings smelling like a white-washed Chinese restaurant.

By the way, Happy Valentine’s day everyone.


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