Game Over

March 10, 2008

There’s no witty or clever way I can blog about what I’m thinking about right now.  It’s very straight forward.  My sense of judgment is usually accurate.  But it’s my fault for ignoring it and hoping for the best.  It’s hard to break these bad habits.  But it’s easier to accept it when you have evidence, which was just what I needed.  Fact is, it’s done-skis.

I recently found a way to keep my mind off it though.  I have found surfing to be really fun and interesting.  Disregard my old post about how I should stop and whatnot.  It gets much better the second, third, and fourth time around.  And as a semi-unrelated note, I just have to say that I think wetsuits are quite possibly one of the most greatest inventions ever.


One Response to “Game Over”

  1. […] se, but more tolerable.  I think at that point, I’ve realized that I just gotta go with the flow.  Then some more unmemorable stuff happened.  I just recall seeing a lot of the basement of the […]

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