Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today… Either Way

March 30, 2008

On one hand, I really enjoyed my break. I woke up late, had the house to myself, watched a lot of TV, had my room all to myself, had nothing to worry about, hung out with my friends, ate good food, and just overall just mellowed out. On the other hand, I did wish I was back in San Diego. The weather during the first few days of being home was prime for the beach. And it was a little disappointing not having all my friends on spring break too, or just free from work and stuff. But here I am, Sunday very-early morning, just hours away from going back, and not sure how to feel. Perhaps the only thing keeping me from being completely anxious to return to school is the actual school part–as usual. But I’m feeling optimistic about this quarter. Though, let’s not jinx it now (knock on wood). Let’s see here. At this point in today’s blog, I have no idea what I’m rambling about. I suppose this is just a quasi-update for the sake of updates. And as a last note: A rerun of SNL is on, and Ellen Page is hosting, and I’m trying to figure out what it is that makes her attractive. Meh.


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