I Used to Smoke Cigars But Now I Suck Polo Mints

May 1, 2008

This will quite possibly be the most informal entry I will/have write/written here. Take a minute to soak it in.

apparently it’s week 6 already. what the hell? how do i stop myself from being so lazy? why do i like my media class more than my icam class? i think it’s because my TA for my media class is much more entertaining and enthusiastic. but i guess it’s also because we mostly watch movies in there, unlike my icam class. this blog is so far pretty pointless. my roommate is talking to himself, and typing and then pounding on the stupid “enter” key every other second. shut the hell up. ever get that feeling like you’re stuck in this place, and you don’t know what to do or what to think? not like, “who am i?” kinda thinking. but like, more of an “i don’t care about stuff anymore” kinda thinking. i’m not totally there yet, but i’m on the verge. things tends to stress me out when it nears the end. upcoming plans, summer plans, future plans. planning is a bitch. time is a bitch. it never seems to work out in your favor when you need it to. in a way, i’m nervous about my living situation next year. but i’m hoping it won’t be this disastrous. at least next year i can preview the person before i have to live a whole year with them. and maybe if whatever higher entity feels chipper, they might see to it that i can manage to get a single bedroom, and maybe good housemates. good is italicized for a reason. good is whatever a normal person is. no video game junkies, no druggies, no heavy drinkers, no party animals, no fake people, no overly friendly people, no emo people, you get the point. obviously the chances of finding a perfect roommate or whatever is pretty slim. here’s a tip though: conform a little. i’m not telling you to change, but for the love of god do something you don’t normally do–even if it means you’re doing it to humor them. i’m done with that topic. it’s slowly pissing me off even more. but sticking on the topic of people, i understand i’m not the easiest person to get along with, but sometimes, i kinda know that it’s them, and not me.

There it is folks. Block of text. It could’ve been much more lengthy, but I decided to withhold some thoughts until I feel that whatever I’m going to say isn’t just out of anger or misunderstanding. And besides, I can’t even fully concentrate because I’m gnawing my teeth to the sound of– well, I’m sure you can figure out what by now. I’ve nearly cataloged whatever I’m talking about’s behavior. Irritating to say the least.


One Response to “I Used to Smoke Cigars But Now I Suck Polo Mints”

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