I’ve Seen So Much I’m Going Blind

May 21, 2008

I was feeling under the weather today, mostly because I had stuff to do nonstop from 10am until 6pm, which meant all I got to eat was a banana before my 10am class. But, after 6, I went to Subway and got the $5 foot-long sub, mostly because those pricks at Rubio’s took away the Dollar Tuesday Fish Tacos special. While I had my dinner (and lunch and breakfast rolled into one convenient meal at 7 in the afternoon), I just vegetated while watching the Simpsons online. And then something compelled me to go to the library and be productive. I went, I left my mp3 player on, and I gave everyone the cold shoulder and just worked. I finished my remaining one page for my paper, which would have normally taken me two to three hours. But the amazingness doesn’t stop there. I felt really guilty for binging during dinner and eating, like, 6 Duplex Cookies and drinking my giant bottle of “healthy” Lipton Green Tea, so I went running around Campus Loop. I was a little uncertain if I really wanted to do this because I was feeling lazy as hell. But I saw my roommate in his usual spot when I got back, and about to get ready to get his dinner at 10:30 at night (pretty early for once), and I realized that I absolutely DO NOT want to get anywhere remotely near his condition. So once I got down to the street, I ran my heart out. So, to get to the point of this story, thanks to my roommate, I have motivation to do something other than lock myself in my room and touch myself for hours on end.

The second portion of this overdue rant will be about people–what’s new, right? So what about people? Why are they so irritating? There are those people who are ugly but act like they’re hot shit. Then there are those people who are ugly and try to mask that fact with expensive clothing and fancy speech. And then there are people who are just flat out inconsiderate and annoying. Of course, I’m feeling a little generous right now, so I’ll leave my topics to cover at those. As I was saying, ugly people who act like hot shit. So I’m at the library, and I walk to the usual spot I go to, and this fat bitch is always there. Every time I see her, she’s giving me a dirty look. What the hell is up your ass you skank? Don’t get angry at me for being so ugly. The other type of person is everywhere, but for some reason, there seems to be a lot of them in my Vis40 class. This girl wears ALL name brand clothes and walks around like her shit doesn’t stink, and talks to the class like she’s so well cultured and knows everything. Her tone is very “matter-of-fact.” So she speaks to you like you’re a moron. And then this other douche bag (who’s asian, go figure) thinks he’s witty too. We have discussions in class, and whenever he’d give his opinion, he’d come up with something to say and shoot down everyone else’s opinion and act like his is right. It’s an opinion moron, there’s not exactly a “right” and “wrong” answer. And, this is in no way a strong/relevant argument to add to this rant about this douche bag, but he pretty much wears these stupid t-shirts with Mario (video game) items on them with stupid sayings. Yesterday it was a question box that said, “I’d hit that.” And today it was a green mushroom that said, “Get a life.” Take your own advice, kid. And lastly, the simple annoying people. Sadly these are mostly seen at the library. Go to the library to study, dicks. Not to talk to your friends. Not to exchange funny stories or jokes for 30 minutes at a time. Not to bring your meal and 500 snacks to eat while you socialize. Go to do your damn studying or homework. Jesus. I swear everytime I go, there’s always this loud group of asshats who talk and laugh so loud like they own the damn place. That particular section of the library allows you to talk, but at a moderate level. What they’re doing is talking like they’re in their own room. I’ll qualify my rant with this: I obviously talk too, but not for more than five minutes. There. I said it. The many qualities that make people utterly annoying.


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