Move Bitch, Get Out the Way

June 13, 2008

Let’s cut to the chase here: I hate people who stand in front of the elevator door and refuse to move when other people are trying to leave the elevator. Seriously. Move it you prick. I say excuse me in a polite tone the first time. Nothing. I say it in a more stern voice a second time. Nothing. Are you deaf or stupid? So I just squeeze by, but at the same time trying to push them a little. What the hell is wrong with you? If someone is trying to get past you, then move! This happens with people walking towards me on small sidewalks and such. I’m all the way on the right, and then this giant group of people continue forward next to each other and refuse to move aside just for an instance, to let me pass. I have made a resolution. I refuse to move for anyone who is completely capable of doing so themselves. This means, from now on, if there’s anyone, anywhere, coming my direction, and I don’t see them even attempt to give me some room while I walk, then I’m going to plow right through them.

Well, this whole post can’t be negative, so I’ll let you in on a bit of information. This school year is over! Summer time now. Let’s take a glimpse of what may be in store for me. Radiohead concert(!), small trip up north with suitemates(?), beach(?), running, hours and hours of tv, drumming, guitaring, reading, summer school class, job(?), helping my mom with her shop downtown as little as possible(?). For the most part, it sounds good. Small stuff, but it’ll add up to F-U-N, I hope.


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