Yeah These Things Take Forever, I Especially Am Slow

July 24, 2008

Stuff’s on my mind again.  It took a little bit for these little things to accumulate, but here they are.

1. I hate searching for housing.  Price, location, dates.  They suck.  It’s unnecessary stress, that’s all it is really.

2. I may potentially get a job on campus.  I am excited and really want the job (that’s assuming it’s not stupid and lame).  I’m getting jitters thinking about the stupid interview.  By the way, it’s in San Diego at 10 in the morning.  I hope that it will be well worth me getting up at 6 am, not to mention the grossly overpriced cost of gas that it will take for me to drive down there.  But, flop or not, I am definitely looking forward to a Cotixan burrito.  FER SURE.

3. My friends around me are going through some stuff regarding each other.  I’m not commenting on any of it, just saying that it makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason, even though it doesn’t really concern me at all.  Actually, I will comment on one thing:  Albert’s blogging comment.  I think it’s lame to criticize someone for blogging about something that’s on their minds, instead of constantly updating their statuses on Facebook.  I believe Albert said something along the lines of Daniel having to blog while he (Albert) can just do it in one sentence on Facebook.  He fails to understand that he’s leaving out details when he just posts one sentence on his Facebook status–vague as hell–expecting all his avid fans to read his ever changing status and know what’s going on, or what he means by them.  I highly doubt that’s going to happen.  I’ll probably get sucked into this whole ordeal for saying what I just did, but there’s how I see it, irrigardless of whose side I’m on.

4. Knowing people who are struggling financially really puts things in perspective.  I am lucky as hell.  And no, I did not just realize that.  It just means more now.

5. With the way my summer has progressed, I’ve made a goal to not be back home next summer.  I will suck it up, find an internship (paid I hope), or a plain ol’ job at the very least, live in San Diego, and go to the beach until I either get sick of it or get too dark that I’d need to stop going for a while.  My friends have moved on and are busy, busy, busy, so there’s not much to do here anymore.


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