I Have No Idea What I Am Talking About

August 25, 2008

Great show last night.  They played a 25 song set list.  There were these things hanging from the stage that looked like giant chimes, but they were really lights.  I thought it was pretty spectacular.  The pictures on the giant screens were a bit artsy fartsy for me, but it was kinda cool at times.  Lots of weed smoking going on.  I wish I could have taken better pictures, but my cell phone camera ain’t too good.  Security was lame and not very thorough.  They opened people’s bags, jiggled a bit, and tapped underneath the bag.  I think Thom messed up during Lucky cuz the whole band just stopped for some reason.  Not much conversing with the audience.  Not sure how it rates on a 10 point scale, but it’s the best concert I’ve been to.  Here’s the set list.

15 Steps
There There (The Boney King of Nowhere.)
Morning Bell
All I Need
Pyramid Song
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The Gloaming [It is The Gloaming.  Heh.]
The National Anthem
A Wolf at the Door (It Girl.  Rag Doll.)
Faust Arp
Exit Music (For a Film)
Jigsaw Falling into Place
Climbing up the Walls
How to Disappear Completely

Encore 1
Paranoid Android
Dollars & Cents
Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Encore 2
House of Cards
Everything in Its Right Place


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