Now, Tell Me What You Saw

September 3, 2008

I just remembered what part of my dream was last night.  I think I was at a mall or something, and I saw John Mayer walk out of a store.  I kinda hesitated but then walked up to him and verified if he was who I thought he was, and then he said “Yeah.”  I asked for an autograph and he kindly declined saying something about he’s in a hurry or something.  The other part of my dream involved– a bunch of weird[er] stuff.  I’m really not sure what was going on, but I know that there was soccer invovled (goal kicks or something, or some variation of the game actually), a really attractive girl that I think my mind just fabricated, and me being part of whatever game going on and then being a medic (?).  I wish I could record what the hell was going on.


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