When It All Falls Down

September 7, 2008

I don’t think I can take it anymore.  I don’t want to be here at home with my parents around.  I don’t know how my mom can tolerate my dad.  I don’t know how my dad can tolerate my mom.  I don’t know how I’ve been tolerating them these past few months.  Let me take this moment to make a half-promise (cuz going full never seems to turn out that way unless it’s utterly simple and I don’t want to break any promises even if it is to myself [and I know what you might be thinking; keep all your “How gay!” comments to yourself]):  get a paid internship next summer and stay in San Diego.  I can’t deny that I’ve developed a very low tolerance for my parents… and quite possibly people in general; I get it from my mom, who in turn says she became like that because of my dad (and I can see why), and my dad seems to be more and more annoying because of my mom.  I’m just stuck inside that stupid loop, and pick up on their negative qualities, more than their good ones.  So out of the loop I must go, and stay a good distance away, until this teenage-angst-esque stage blows over and when I can smile and laugh at their annoying quirks.

The rest of this blog is really all unrelated.  I can’t really tie these topics all together with smooth transitions, other than using the sentence, “Another thing that pisses me off….”  But I’ll refrain from doing that.

The first topic I think I’ll tackle is subtlety.  I really think it’s an art now.  So many people suck so badly at using this technique, when they use it to gain attention, divert attention, manipulating attention in general or what have you.  I forgot what it was that happened, or that I saw that made me think of this though, so I can’t cite a good example.  I don’t claim to be a “master” at subtlety, but I can make out what it is most of the time (shitty display of subtlety anyways, which is probably why I can detect it in the first place).  Like wanting to break that annoying kid in class’s face in (that annoying kid might even be you if you’re trying to be subtle), just don’t do it.

“_____ it.”  That stupid phrase is really annoying.  Incase you’re not sure what I mean, you can go ahead and insert nouns like “cell” and “txt” in there.  (Don’t be a smart-ass and say “fuck” can be a noun, cuz you know damn well you mean it as a verb.) Hmmm… maybe the latter isn’t so bad, but the first one is absolutely nail on a chalkboard to me.  “I’m out.  Cell it.”  “Cell” is not a motherfucking verb you dipshit.  No power in the universe can make it so.  (Actually, it is possible to do that, but I pray that it doesn’t get assimilated as a verb in the English language.)  It’s such a hipster thing to say, it’s really annoying.  Really, really, really annoying.  If you want your friends to call you, just say “Call me.”  Don’t try to be original and make up your own little homo phrase.

I spent too much time ranting on those other topics that I forgot what else was pissing me off.  Lucky you.


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