Some Have Gone

September 19, 2008

Years ago, I would waste my free time online in chat rooms, particularly MSN’s chat rooms, before they turned it into who knows what.  I found them amsuing, probably because the people there said more interesting things than the people I knew in real life.  I remembered that if you typed “boink” or something of that nature, you would get kicked out of the chat room.  Anyways, I met this person while I was there once, and they were quite an interesting individual.  We chatted on AIM for a while, about all sorts of things both serious and stupid stuff like any other friend would in real life.  I forget why, but we slowly stopped talking to one another–possibly because we had our own lives.  We’d IM each other with the occasional greeting or salutation, but that was it.  Then all communication eventually stopped.

While cleaning out my external hard drive, I found some old AIM logs I copied over from my old computer, which sparked my interest in finding this person again.  I tried everything I could think of, but I can’t find anything on this person.  The combination of them living in Florida (at the time anyways) and contact being so long ago that I don’t remember any details about them, makes it really difficult to do anything.  I have two of their email addresses but they are no longer in use, and they don’t go on AIM anymore either.  And with the constant barrage of hurricanes in Florida (which was where they lived when I used to talk to them), I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved to another state or something.  Too bad I can’t find them cuz I really want to see how they’re doing.  If the ol’ saying that “it’s a small world” is true, I’ll eventually run into them.. although I don’t know how we’d recognize each other.  A hit and a miss haha.  C’est la vie.


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