And I Run

September 26, 2008

Friends, I come here today not to gloat (well, a little bit–but not much), but rather to document a milestone in my life.

My summer of hermit-ing and lack of going out led me to do nothing other than excercise by running around the neighborhood at night.  It was sadly pretty much my physical activity for the day.  Rewind back to last school year:  my friend and I ran campus loop, roughly four miles, and I was dead tired by the half way point and walked a lot.  Fastforward to this past summer while I had no one to hang out with and nothing better to do but to run:  I decided I would try and run two at least two miles non-stop every night so that I wouldn’t be such a sad sight when I ran the loop this year.  Fastward to today:  I ran the loop, all four glorious miles, non-stop, and was not even that tired by the time I finished.  My shoulders were probably more sore than my legs though.  Yes you read it right everyone.  I’m bragging.  No use trying to tone it down.  I did it, and I’m proud!

On a more sour note, I feel that this will be the only positive post I will have for a while.  School is about to hit with full force, and I’m probably gonna be quite a bitter person.  So do not fear, for this happy person that is typing this post today will be dead in a few weeks.


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