Ticking Away the Moments That Make up a Dull Day

October 18, 2008

I wasn’t going to add a post today, but I figured that since my weekend is going to be stuffed with nothing but studying and homework, I might as well do this now while it’s still fresh in my mind.

First topic to tackle:  Weezer concert.  That was a seriously fantastic show.  We got floor tickets, so we managed to make our way up to the front-ish left of the stage, and we saw pretty much everything really clearly.  If you’ve ever seen any old concerts of Weezer, you’d notice that they’re not very energetic (but still perform very well nonetheless).  But tonight they were going bonkers, at least Rivers was.  He was sliding across the stage on his knees a lot, and dancing and talking and joking which was really cool.  As far as musical performance goes, they played a decent amount of old stuff, and even did a cover of Pink Floyd’s Time which was actually really good, and the drummer Pat Wilson sang it really well.  And I also liked how they started off we three old songs and then gradually nudged the newer stuff in.  They did Island in the Sun and Beverly Hills with a giant group of people who brought different instruments and played along.  And they even had Tom Delonge from Angels & Airwaves sing a song or two, and had the drummer from A&A play drums, as well as the guitarist from Tokyo Police Club play a song too.
The opening bands kinda put me to sleep, but they were better than I thought.  Good performers, no doubt, but their music kinda sucks.  As usual, Tom Delonge sang with his horrible style, and my friend and I couldn’t help but notice how the drummer was a bit too into the songs.  Tokyo Police Club wasn’t noteworthy at all.  There were some crazy-ass mofos in the crowd too.  The security guards had to rush through and literally carry a guy out because he was going nuts.  And people crowd surfed and kicked my friend in the head.  And there were a lot of people who smoked weed; a lot more than I would have guessed for a Weezer show.
All in all, it was a pretty awesome.  I would say that this actually beats the Radiohead concert I went to, mostly because I was so incredibly close to the stage and could actually see them play.

And now:  the debbie downer.  I feel like I’m so inredibly behind and so stressed.  But I know I’m really not doing that poorly right now.  I’m fairly confident that I can get a A’s and pass my classes, but when everything is packed together, you can’t help but to feel a little overwhelmed.  And doing piss poor on my first quiz doesn’t help the situation any either, and finding this out a little under a week before the midterm is pretty bad too.  Not only that, I’m on the verge of getting sick but vigorously trying to heal.  Vitamin C, vitamin C, vitamin C!  Meds, meds, meds!  Naked Juice, Naked Juice, Naked Juice!  And sleep–I need more of it.  Now.


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