Tell Your Friends, to Get with My Friends

October 23, 2008

–and we can be friends.  Shit, we can do this every weekend.  Aight?  Is that aight with you?  Yeah.  Keep bangin’.

Ok, the title and preceeding line isn’t relevant to what I’m about to say, but staying up late and not having eaten in 14 hours has driven me a little crazy.

DON’T DRAG YOUR FEET WHEN YOU WALK.  You may feel all comfy in your damned flip-flops, but that isn’t any reason to scrape your sandals everytime you take a step.  Pick up your feet already!  My theory is that people tend to buy flip-flops two times their feet size because apparently it’s a popular look, and so there’s a big chunk of sandal in the back of your flip-flops that don’t clear the ground, and thus you get people who drag their heels.

So here’s my tip for buying sandals that will be comfortable and won’t drive people like me crazy.  Buy a size where that’s the closest to the actual length of your feet.  If the strap is a bit tight, it will eventually loosen up, a lot.  But obviously if you can’t even slip your foot through, then you could move up a size.


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