I’m Gonna Treat You Kind, I’m Gonna Rob You Blind

November 2, 2008

Jenny Lewis played at my school tonight.  I bought two tickets.  One for me, and one for my friend who said he’d probably go.  I get the vibe that he wasn’t going to go, so I asked someone else.  They didn’t want to.  I was hoping my friend I asked first was still going, but upon driving said friend back to campus, I find out that he doesn’t want to go.  Not only that, he says so in an insulting manner.  Another friend in the car asks who’s playing at the concert.  “Jenny Lewis,” I said.  “Who’s that?” he replies.  Then the guy that didn’t go interjects:  “exactly.”  But when I originally asked him, he seemed genuinely interested in going, and I told him more about the artist and he acted like he thought it was good.  I don’t see why he couldn’t just say “No, I don’t want to go.”  That’s what I did when he asked me to go to the Jack’s Mannequin concert.  I ended up having an extra ticket (which was my fault for assuming I’d have someone to go with, I’ll admit), so I went on to Facebook and was lucky enough to be able to find someone to sell it an hour before concert.

But as luck would have it, selling it turned out to be a good thing.  When I arrived at the line outside Price Center, I met with the girl who wanted to buy my ticket (which was for her friend), and the girl’s two friends.  They were really cool, so I decided to just stick with them since they said they didn’t mind.  We went into the Price Center Ballroom where the concert was, and then they saw Pierre De Reeder and one of the girls went up to him and talked to him, then asked for a picture.  Then her friend asked for a picture, then me, then the other friend.  You’d expect someone who had just been ambushed by four strangers to show some kind of discomfort, but this guy was pure class.  He was a really nice guy, and in addition to the photo, I managed to walk up to him after the concert and get his autograph, which he was more than happy to do.

But anyways, in regards to the actual concert:  it was so good.  So good.  Pierrer De Reeder opened up first, and was surprisingly good, and then Beachwood Sparks was not so much.  Then finally, Jenny Lewis came on stage at 10:20-ish.  It was such a small concert, so it was a very intimate kind of thing.  For the song “Acid Tongue,” it was just her on guitar and the rest of her band on backup vocals, but the mic didn’t work.  So they all went to the edge of the stage as far as they could go, and everyone stayed quiet while she just played the acoustic and sang.  You don’t get that kind of stuff at a large concert, that’s for sure.  It was refreshing to be able to hear the guitar and vocals without it being super amplified through the sound system–which kinda sucked for the opening bands cuz you only heard a lot of highs and lows, but no mids, so all the intricate guitar work was wasted cuz it all sounded the same.  But yeah, she sang really well and was really friendly with the crowd; she was pretty talkative and made some small chatter with people who yelled out stuff.  Jonathan Rice seemed kind of like a dick though, but that’s probably just how he is.  They weren’t very showy, but made up for it by actually being good.

Oh yeah and one last thing.  I hate these concerts where everyone piles in front of the stage, and all the tall people clusterfuck the center so they block everyone’s view with their gigantic heads.  Not only that, these guys are bobbing their heads left to right, not back and forth, so I can’t even nudge my way to one side because they end up blocking my view anyways.  Lame.


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